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RM67 - George I (1714-1727), Sixpence, 1723 SSC, laureate head of George right, GEORGIVS D G M BR FR ET HIB REX F D, rev., four crowned shields with the arms of Great Britain, France, Hanover and Ireland in the form of a cross, scepters in between, a Garter Star in the centre, 1723,  BRVN ET L DVX S R I A TH ET EL,  SS C in the angles, (ESC 1600; S.3652),  almost very fine, toned. $125

The South Sea Company and the 'South Sea Bubble"
The SS C on the reverse of this coin is a reference to the South Sea Company that supplied the bullion for this issue to the mint. Established in 1711 with exclusive rights for trade with South America the company took on Public Debt in return for its monopoly. Widespread speculation in the companies shares led to the famous 'South Sea Bubble" with shares rising as high as 1000. The bubble eventually burst and caused widespread economic distress.