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RM10 -  Roman-Britain, Antoninus Pius (A.D.177-192), AE As, 9.19g.,14mm, Rome mint, laureate bust right, ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P TR P XVIII, rev., mournful seated figure of Britannia left on rock, round shield and figure left, BRI[TANNIA COS IIII, S C] (Askew 28; RIC 934), fair, some smoothing and after work evident . $95

"He Conquered the Britons through his legate Lollius Urbicus (governor of Britain from A.D. 139-143), another wall of turf, being set up when the barbarians had been driven back." The Augustan History, Antoninus Pius 5.4.

Following the suppression of a serious revolt in northern Britain early in his reign, Antoninus Pius won his second imperatorial acclamation.  At this point it was decided to push the frontier further north from the line of Hadrianís Wall; the Antonine Wall a turf and timber construction was built across the narrower Forth-Clyde isthmus, bringing the unruly tribes of Lowland Scotland within the borders of the empire