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New Additions - August 22nd, 2018

TY23 - ENGLAND, ANGLO-SAXON, The Kingdom of Wessex, Alfred the Great (871-899), Silver Penny, London Monogram type (c.880), diademed armored bust right, AELFRD REX, rev., monogram of Londonia (London), (N.644; S.1061), very rare, extremely fine, hairline striking crack on obverse and reverse at 7 o'clock, no light showing, some hairlines erroneously referred to as tooling on holder, toned example of good style, (PCGS Holder). $12,995

TY19 - ENGLAND, NORMAN, William II (Rufus) (1087-1100), Silver Penny, 1.23g., 20mm, Profile type (c.1086-c.1089), Dover - Lifwine, +PILLELM REX I, crowned bust right, holding sword, rev., +LIFWINE ON DOFRI, cross pattée over cross fleury with annulet at center, (N.851; S.1258), good very fine, nice old cabinet toning, rare. $5,995

TY20 - ENGLAND, Richard I (1189-1199), Short Cross Penny, 1.24g., 18mm, class 4b (c.1200-1204), London - Fulke, crowned bust of king holding scepter, HENRICVS REX, rev., short voided cross with quatrefoil in each angle, pellet stops, initial cross pattée, FVLKE ON LVN, (N.966; S.1348C), extremely fine, good clear portrait, scarce. $545

TY21 - ENGLAND, Edward VI (1547-1553), Shilling, 5.82g., 33mm, Fine silver issue, m.m. Tun, 1551-1553, facing three quarters bust of Edward, rose to left, value mark XII to right, EDWARD VI D G AGL FRA Z HIB REX, rev., quartered royal arms over long cross fourchée, POSVI DEV' ADIVTORE' MEV' (N.1937; S.2482), good very fine, toned, bold strike on a broad flan. $1095

TY24 - ENGLAND, Mary I (1553-1554), Groat, 2.16g., 25mm, m.m. pomegranate both sides at around 3 o'clock, crowned bust of Mary left wearing pearl necklace, MARIA D G ANG FRA Z HIB REGI, rev., quartered royal arms over long cross fourchée, VERITAS TEMPORIS FILIA (N. 1960; S.2492), superb portrait, good extremely fine, attractively toned! $1595

TY22 - ENGLAND, Commonwealth (1649-1660), Shilling, 5.97g., 33mm, 1651, m.m. Sun, St. George's cross on a shield within a wreath, THE COMMONWEALTH OF ENGLAND, rev., the arms of England and Ireland, value mark •XII• above, 1651 GOD WITH VS (N. 2724; S.3217), extremely fine, toned. $2995

R8044 - Probus (A.D. 276-282), Billon Reform Antoninianus, 3.29g., 23mm, Siscia mint (Sisak, Croatia), fourth officina, radiate cuirassed bust of Probus right, IMP C PROBVS P F AVG, rev., Pax left, PAX AVG, IIII, (RIC 706; RCV 12000), practically as struck, full silvering, superb! $245

R8045 - Tacitus (A.D. 275-276), Billon Post-Reform Antoninianus, First Officina, 2nd emission, 3.40g., 22mm, Ticinium mint (Pavia, Italy), radiate draped and cuirassed bust of Tacitus right, IMP C M CL TACITVS AVG, rev.,  Pax standing facing, head left, holding olive branch and transverse scepter, PAX AVGVSTI, P in exergue, (RIC 140; RCV 11775), much silvering remaining, almost extremely fine. $125


R8043 - Maximianus, 1st Reign (A.D. 286-305), AE Follis, 9.81g., 28mm, Ticinium mint (Pavia, Italy), c. A.D. 300-303, laureate cuirassed bust right, IMP C MAXIMIANVS P F AVG, rev., Moneta standing left, holding cornucopiae and scales, SACRA MON VRB AVGG ET CAESS NOSTR, PT• in the exergue (RIC 45b),  much silvering remaining, almost extremely fine. $165