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New Additions - December 19th, 2017
R8014 - Septimius Severus (A.D. 193-211), Silver Denarius, 3.36g., 19mm, Rome mint, A.D. 202, laureate head right, SEVERVS AVG PART MAX, rev., Severus in military attire sacrificing over altar and holding inverted spear, RESTITVTOR VRBIS, (RCV 6359; RIC 289), reverse slightly off-centre almost extremely fine, toned. $125 R8013 - Caracalla as Augustus with Septimius Severus (A.D. 198-217), Silver Denarius, 2.92g., 20mm, Rome mint, A.D. 205, laureate, draped bust of Caracalla right, ANTONINVS PIVS AVG, rev., Felicitas standing left holding caduceus and cornucopiae, FELICITASAVGG, (RCV 6799; RIC 127), good very fine. $95

R8019 - Philip I (A.D. 244-249), Silver Antoninianus, 5.22g., 24mm, Rome mint, A.D. 244-247, radiate draped bust of Philip right, IMP M IVL PHILIPPVS AVG, rev., Securitas seated left holding sceptre and propping head on left hand, SECVRIT ORBIS (RIC 48b), good extremely fine, toned. $135

R8020 - Trajan Decius (A.D. 249-251), Silver Antoninianus, 3.48g., 25mm, Rome mint, A.D. 249 - 251, radiate draped bust of Decius right, IMP C M Q TRAIANVS DECIVS AVG, rev., Victory advancing left, holding a wreath and a branch, VICTORIA AVG, (RIC 29c), good very fine. $115

R8017 - Aurelian (A.D. 270-275), Billon Post-Reform Antoninianus, 3.64g., 23mm, Antioch mint (Antakiyah, Turkey), sixth officina, radiate cuirassed bust of Aurelian right, IMP C AVRELIANVS AVG, rev., Victory standing right holding palm, presenting wreath to emperor right who is holding a sceptre, RESTITVTOR ORBIS, VI / XXI in exergue, (RIC 386), extremely fine. $115

R8022 - Diocletian (A.D. 284-305), Follis, 8.75g., Heraclea mint (Eregli, Turkey), fourth officina, c. A.D. 297 - 298, laureate bust right, IMP C C VAL DIOCLETIANVS P F AVG, rev., Genius standing left modius on head, holding cornucopiae with chlamys over left shoulder, patera in right from which liquor flows, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI (RIC 19a), practically as struck. $135