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New Additions - May 23rd, 2017
AD12 - England, Anglo-Saxon, The Kingdom of Mercia, Burgred (852-874), Penny, 1.35g., 20mm, Lunette type, BMC D, moneyer Tata, +BVRGRED REX, diademed bust right, rev., MON TATA ETA, in three lines in and between two lunettes consisting of a crook at each end, (N.426; S.941), a good well centered strike on a large broad flan, good very fine. $1495 AD4 - England, Anglo-Saxon, Cnut (1016-1035), Silver Penny, 1.10g., 18mm., Short Cross type (c.1029 - c.1035/36), Thetford - Ælfweald, diademed bust left holding sceptre with lis head, +CNVT RECX: rev., voided short cross with annulet at centre, +ALFPOLD ON ÐEOÐ, (N.790; S.1159), toned, a few Viking peck marks, good very fine. $495

AD8 - England, Anglo-Saxon, Edward the Confessor (1042-1066), Silver Penny, 1.14g., 18mm, Bust Facing - Small Cross type (1062-65), York – Authgrimr, facing bust of king, bearded and crowned, EADPARD REX A, rev., small cross pattée, +OÐGRIM ON EOFRP, (N.830; S.1183), toned, good very fine. $695

AD10 - England, John Lackland (1199-1216), Short Cross Penny, 1.48g., 20mm, class 5b2 (1205-1207), Winchester - Andreu, crowned bust of king holding scepter, HENRICVS REX, rev., short voided cross with quatrefoil in each angle, pellet stops, initial cross pattée, +ANDREV.ON.WI, (N.970; S.1351), good extremely fine, toned, superb portrait! $595

AD2 – Scotland, Charles I (1625-1649), Twelve Shillings, 5.70g., 21mm, Third Coinage, First Issue,  Briot’s Issue, CAROLVS DG MAGN BRITAN FRAN ET HIB REX, B at end of legend, crowned bust left with breaking inner circle, rev., QVAE DEVS CONIVNXIT NEMO SEPARET, crowned arms, B above crown, (S.5558), toned, very fine. $350

AD20 - Italy, Papal Coinage, Julius III (1550-1555), Silver Giulio, 22mm, 1.61g., Aquila degli Abruzzi mint, INNOCENTIVS P P VIII, tiara above crossed keys; pellet stops, rev., (crown) AQVILANA LIBERAS, eagle facing, head left, with wings spread; six-pointed star stops, (Berman 508), very fine. $195

AD62 - Italy, Papal Coinage, Julius II (1503-1513), Silver Giulio, 29mm, 3.87g., Ancona mint, IVLIVS II PONT MAX, Papal arms,  rev., Saints Peter and Paul seated, MARCI below, (Berman 592), extremely fine, toned. $395 AD69 - Italy, Papal Coinage, Clement VIII (1592-1605), Silver Testone, 31mm, 9.15g., Rome mint, CLEMENT VIII PON MAX, Papal arms,  rev., Saint Peter seated right, G T in exergue, (Berman 1450), almost extremely fine, toned. $495
AD64 - Italy, Papal Coinage, Urban VIII Barberini (1623-1644), Silver Jules, 28mm, 2.92g., Avignon mint, (Berman 1796), slightly doublestruck, good very fine, toned. $195