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New Additions - April 26th, 2017
RF3 - England, Aethelred II (978-1016), Silver Penny, 1.30g., 20mm, Long Cross type (c.997-c.1003), Lincoln - Drengr, bare-headed bust left, AEÐELRED REX ANGL, rev., long cross voided +DRENG MΩO LINC (N.774; S.1151; Mossop XI.26): same dies as SCBI 25: 225-226), good very fine, toned. $595 RF8 - England, Henry III (1216-1272), Penny, 1.06g., 18mm, Voided Long Cross Coinage, Class 5c, (1251-1272), Willem - Canterbury, crowned facing bust of Henry with sceptre, HENRICVS REX III, rev., voided long cross with trefoil of pellets in each angle,  WILLEM ON CANT, (N.993; S.1369), very fine. $95

RF14 - England, Edward IV, First Reign (1461-1470), Silver Groat, 1.73g., 24mm, Light coinage (1464-70), Bristol mint, m.m. Sun, facing bust of Edward within a tressure of nine arcs, quatrefoils at neck, no B on breast,  rev., long cross pattée, trefoil of pellets in each angle, VILLA BRISTOLL,  (N.1580; S.2007), slightly short of flan, good very fine, toned. $195

RF17 - England, Elizabeth I (1558-1603), Silver Sixpence, 2.91g., 26mm, 1573, m.m. Eglantine (1573-78), Third and Fourth Issue, crowned bust of Elizabeth left, intermediate bust, rev., quartered royal arms over long cross fourchée, 1573, (N.1997; S.2562), good very fine. $295

RF10 - Ireland, Edward I (1272-1307), Penny, 1.20g., 19mm, 2nd Coinage, Group Ib (c.1279-1284), Dublin mint, crowned facing bust of Edward within a triangle, a trefoil of pellets below the bust, •EDW•R• ANGL' DNS HYB, rev., long cross with three pellets in each angle, CIVITAS DVBLINE (S.6247 var, pellet before, within and at end of regal name), very fine $295

RF12 - Anglo-Gallic, Henry IV, V or VI, Hardi d’Argent, 1.33g., 21mm, facing half-length figure of the Prince, sword in right hand, left hand raised, rev., long cross with leopard and lis in opposite angles, annulet beneath lis, (S.8147; Elias 233), very fine, toned. $195