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New Additions - April 7th, 2017

JL1- ENGLAND, Henry II (1154-1189), Cross and Crosslet (Tealby) type Penny, 1.21g., 21mm, Bust F (c.1170- 1180), Ipswich - Thorsteinn, facing crowned bust of king holding sceptre, [H]EN[RI REX ANG],  rev., cross potent with cross potent in each angle, in centre a small cross in saltire, +TVR[STAIN:O]N:G[I], (N.961; S,1342; same dies as SCBI 2013:0384), great portrait that clearly indicates type, irregular flan and strike as is norm for issue. $295

JL2 - ENGLAND, Richard I (1189-1199), Short Cross Penny, 1.09g., 18mm, class 4b (c.1200-1204), London - Henri, crowned bust of king holding scepter, rev., short voided cross with quatrefoil in each angle, pellet stops, initial cross pattée, (N.968/2; S.1348C), weak in parts, almost very fine, toned. $225

JL3 – ENGLAND, Henry III (1216-1272), Short Cross Penny, 1.36g., 19mm, class 6c (c.1215-c.1217/18), London - Walter, crowned bust of king holding scepter, HENRICVS REX, rev., short voided cross with quatrefoil in each angle, pellet stops, initial cross pattée, +WALTER•ON•LVN, (N.976/1; S.1355), very fine. $125

AD6 - England, Elizabeth I (1558-1603), Sixpence, 2.65g., 26mm, 1599, m.m. Anchor, Sixth Issue, crowned bust of Elizabeth left, ELIZAB D'G' ANG'FR'ET:HI' REGI, rev., quartered royal arms over long cross fourchée, 1599, POSVI:DEV'ADIVTOREM· MEV: (N.2015; S.2578B), fine, toned. $225

AD9 - ENGLAND, William III (1694-1702), Silver Sixpence, 1696, 1st Bust, Large Crown / Early Harp, (S.3520), almost extremely fine. $165

AD30 - IRELAND, James II (1685-1688/1691), Civil War Coinage, Limerick Besieged (1690-91), Halfpenny, 1691, over struck on a Gunmoney sixpence, laureate bust of James left, IACOBVS II DEI GRATIA rev., seated figure of Hibernia left, HIBERNIA 1691, (S.6594), overstike very clear on obverse, good very fine. $395

AD63 - ITALY, Papal Coinage, Julius III (1550-1555), Silver Giulio, 28mm, 3.28g.,Rome mint, Holy year Issue, IVLIVS III PONT MAX, Papal arms,  rev., Holy Door inscribed AN DNI MDL (1550), IVSTI INTRABVNT OER EAM, dividing ROMA, (Berman 989), extremely fine, toned. $495 AD66 - ITALY, Papal Coinage, Gregory XIII (1572-1585), Silver Testone, 29mm, 9.37g., Ancona mint, (Berman 1220), good very fine. $395