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New Additions - April 1st, 2017

AD15 - ANGLO-SAXON, FRISIAN or DANISH, Woden Head type, Secondary Sceattas, (c.710-720 A.D.), Silver Sceatta, 0.83g., 12mm, struck in Northern Frisia or Ribe (Jutland, Denmark). "Woden head" flanked by crosses, rev., fantastic animal left, (Metcalf Series X, 278; North 116; S.797 (843)), dark patina, very fine. $595

AD3 - The Kingdom of Mercia, Burgred (852-874), Penny, 1.09g., 19mm, Lunette type, BMC C, moneyer Eadwulf, +BVRGRED REX, diademed bust right, rev., MON EADVLF ETA, in three lines in and between two broken lunettes (N.425; S.940), well centered, extremely fine, good metal, some light old hoard encrustation and toning. $1495

AD11 - SCOTLAND, David II (1329-1371), Halfgroat, 2.20g., 25mm, 2nd Coinage, Group B, (1357-1367), Edinburgh mint, crowned bust left with sceptre, two pellets behind base, +DAVID DEI GRA REX SCOTORO', rev., a long cross with a mullet of five points in each angle, DNS PROTECTOR MEVS / VILLA EDINBVRGH, (S.5106), full round coin on an ample flan, weak in parts but well struck with handsome old cabinet toning, almost extremely fine. $695 AD68 - ITALY, Papal Coinage, Alexander VII (Fabio Chigi) (1655-1667), Silver Giulio, 26mm, 3.25g., Rome mint, ALEX VII PONT MAX, papal arms, pellet stops, rev., CVRA PECVNIAM CRESCENTEM SEQVITVR, draped table covered with coins, pellet stops, (CNI XVI 26; Muntoni 14; Berman 1904), practically as struck, exquisite toning, superb! $595