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North 795

ME689 - DENMARK, Knud den Store (Cnut the Great), (King of Denmark 1018-1035, King of England 1016-1035), Silver Penning, 1.18g., 20mm, Lund mint (Lund, Skåne (now Sweden)), as the English Last Small Cross type of Aethelred II (c.1000 - 1017), moneyer Thorketill, draped diademed bust left, +CNVT REX AGLORM, rev., small cross, +ÐORCL M-O LVND:, (N.795; same dies as SCBI 14: 2946-2947), holed, edge frayed and with small cracks otherwise very fine, peck marked, toned and very rare. $595 SOLD

A.H. Baldwin ticket in the hand of Albert Henry Frederick Baldwin (1889-1970), ticket included.
Ex Lars Emil Bruun (1852-1923) Collection, Sothebys, 18 May, 1925.

This type was once thought to be an early issue of Cnut struck in England during his campaigns against Aethelred II in 1014-1016. It is now thought to be an early Danish issue of Cnut struck at Lund in present day Sweden. The dies are of good style and are perhaps the work of an English moneyer. Early attempts to strike English style coins of uniform design to a standard weight standard like this soon gave way to the more eclectic designs and regional weight standards that characterize the later Danish coinage of Cnut and Harthacnut.