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Do you have coins to sell?

Duplicates?          A whole collection?          New finds?

I am always interested in purchasing new material. Please do not hesitate to contact me  below,  to discuss the material you have. In this buoyant market I understand the necessity of making serious offers and I am always prepared to travel to view material.

Selling on Commission on www.yorkcoins.com

I would be happy to sell items on consignment on my website. I would charge the seller 20% of the mutually agreed retail price with a $20 minimum fee. This is an ideal method of selling items at near retail price without the delay and extra costs that auctions often incur.

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York Coins Inc.
PO Box 160
Red Hook, NY 12571
Telephone (9:00am - 6:00pm EST)
+1 718-544-0120
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    E-mail (General Inquiry)
    E-mail (General Inquiry)
    inquiry @ yorkcoins.com