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IRELAND - Edward VI (1547 -1 1553)
Henry VIII Posthumous Coinage, Struck under Edward VI (1547-c.1550)
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IJF5 – IRELAND, Edward VI (1547-15430), “Bungal”, Brass Imitation of Edward VI English Base Shilling, 5.29g., 30mm, mm Arrow, date of  MDXLIX (1549) in Roman numerals, crowned bust of Edward right, rev., royal arms in oval garnished shield, (Seaby England S.2466; cf Seaby Irish 6494A, p.148), even brown patina, crude but reasonably true style to the oprignal, very fine. $495

The ‘Bungals’ from the gaelic bonn geal (“white groat”) were shipped into Ireland, to serve as a local ad hoc currency, following the demonetization of their genuine counterparts in England, in 1560, early in the reign of Elizabeth I. They continued to circulate in parts of western Ireland, like Connacht, for a penny for sometime afterwards.