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Harold Harefoot (1035-1040)
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Very Rare Malmesbury Mint Harold I Jewel Cross

TY3 - Harold Harefoot, Joint King with Harthacnut (1035-1037), Silver Penny, 1.15g., 17mm, Jewel Cross type (Spring 1036 - Spring 1037), bust style L1B, Malmesbury - Leofthegn, armoured double band diademed bust left, +HAROLD REI (trefoil), rev., cross composed of four ovals united at their base by two circles enclosing a pellet, +LEOF–EGEN ON MEL(trefoil), (N.802; S.1163; BEH 765; same dies as SCBI 40 - Stockholm: 480 and EMC #2010.0227), good extremely fine, attractive style, very rare. $5495

Malmesbury a small market town in Wiltshire was an important royal burh established by king Alfred. It operated as a low output mint from the reign of Edgar through to the anarchy. It is therefore amongst the rarer mints of the period. This reign and mint combination is only known from four other coins, two of which are in Stockholm. The attribution of the signature 'MEL' to Malmesbury is followed by Hildebrand and Talvio in the Stockholm sylloge. An attribution to the equally rare Essex mint of Maldon is also a possibility.

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TY5 - Harold Harefoot (1035-1040), Sole Reign, Silver Penny, 0.95g., 19mm, Fleur-de-Lis type (c.1038-c.1040), Norwich - Loefwine, armoured diademed bust left, holding shield and sceptre, +HAROLD REX, rev., long cross voided, limbs united at their bases by a circle enclosing a pellet, in each angle a fleur-de-lis between two pellets, + LEOPINE ON NOR–, (BEH 782; same dies as SCBI 40 - Stockholm: 1256; N.803; S.1165), good extremely fine, attractively toned. $3995