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ER13 - Elagabalus (A.D. 218-222), Silver Denarius, 2.50g., 20mm, Rome mint, A.D. 221-222, laureate draped bust of Elagabalus right, horn or phallus protruding from his forehead, IMP ANTONINVS PIVS AVG, rev., Elagabalus standing left sacrificing over a tripod, holding patera and branch, a star in the field above, INVICTVS SACERDOS AVG, (RCV 7518; RIC 88), good very fine. $95 SOLD


The horn-like appendage sticking out from beneath the laurel wreath on Elagabalusís head is interpreted as a dried bullís penis. It is connected with his historically documented role as high priest of the Emesan sun-gold cult of Elah-Gabal