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EM249 - London, William Webster (1821-1885),  Coin Dealer, Brass Farthing, WM. WEBSTER / SUCCESSOR TO WM. TILL rev., 7 Gt. RUSSELL ST. COVt. GARDEN LONDON / DEALER IN ANCIENT AND MODERN COINS, MEDALS, ANTIQUES &c.. (BWS 2990; Bell 29; Batty 569), extremely fine toned. $45

Struck between c.1851 to his death in 1885.

William Webster (1821-1885) was an English coin and medal dealer born at Portsea, Hampshire, England. He ran a successful coin and medal business from Russell Street and later Henrietta Street in Covent Garden, London. He was commissioned to work for the Royal Mint in 1871 for purposes of preparation of its display to the public of a large collection of British and British Empire coinage.