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 the kingdom of Northumbria
Eadberht (737-758)
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H5183 –The Kingdom of Northumbria, Eadberht (737-758), Silver Sceat (Penny), 0.83g., 12mm, York mint,  •EOTBEREHTVT around a small cross pattée, within a beaded circle, rev., a fantastic quadruped with a mane left, pellets in the field, (N.178; S.847; Booth -),  good very fine, interesting style and variety, very rare. $475 SOLD

The animal on the obverse is encountered elsewhere on the Northumbrian coinage, where it is variously described as a fantastic beast, stylized stag, dragon, lion or hound, it was most probably an heraldic device connected with the kingdom or it’s royal bloodline.