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Commodus (A.D. 177-192)
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RM6 -  Romano-British, Commodus (A.D.177-192), British Victory type, AE Sestertius, 20.17g., 30mm, Rome mint, A.D. 184-185, laureate bust right, M COMMODVS ANTON AVG PIVS BRIT, rev., seated figure of Victory right on shields, inscribing shield set on knee TR P X IMP VII COS IIII, VICT BRIT in exergue (Askew 33; RIC 452),  about fine. $175 SOLD

In the last months of Marcus Aurelius's life there was a serious incursion by the northern tribes into the province of Britannia, the wall was overrun and possibly even the governor himself lost in battle. The wall in question is likely to have been the Hadrianic frontier, the Antonine wall having been already abandoned. Ulpius Marcellus was dispatched by to Britain and by A.D. 184 had secured a victory for the now sole emperor Commodus. This type was struck in commemoration of that victory.

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ER76 - Commodus (A.D. 177-192), Silver Denarius, 2.76g., 18mm, Rome mint, A.D. 181-182, laureate head of Commodus right, M ANTONINVS COMMODVS AVG, rev., TR P VII IMP IIII COS III P P, Pax standing left, (RIC 30), almost extremely fine. $135 SOLD