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 the kingdom of Northumbria
Civil War (c.843/44-c.855) Irregular or Derivative Issues
These blundered issues or derivative issues appear to have been produced (perhaps at a mint or mints under quasi-official authority) during the endemic periods of civil war that came to characterize the last twenty five years of the Kingdom of Northumbria. See Pirie, E. J. E., 1996, "Coins of the Kingdom of Northumbria c.700-867."
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H5121 - The Kingdom of Northumbria, Civil War (c.843/44-c.855) Irregular or Derivative Issues, 1.21g., 24mm, in the names of both Eanred (810-840) and  Aethelred II (841-c.844 / c.844-c.850), +EANRED RE,  around a pellet within a circle of pellets, rev., +AEILRED R, around a pellet, (cf North Volume 1, p.72; S.872), almost extremely fine. $95 SOLD