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Coinage Imported from Northern Gaul
 (c.150 B.C. - 50 B.C.)
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AB207 - Imported Coinage, Gallo-Belgic E, Ambiani, Gallic War type (c.50 B.C.), Gold Stater, 6.17g.,  blank except for incurved symbol at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock, rev., Celticised horse right, remnants of the rider above, pellet below, solid exergue line, (M.27; VA 52-1, S.11), a well centered almost extremely fine, interesting residual design on obverse. $995 SOLD

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AB110 - Imported Coinage, Gallo-Belgic A, Ambiani (c.150 B.C. - c.50 B.C.), Gold Quarter Stater, 1.68g.,  Celticised laureate head of Apollo left (ultimately derived from obverse of the gold staters of Philip II of Macedon) left, rev., horse left, pellets and other ornaments in the field around (M.4; VA 20, S.7), evenly worn, fine. $495 SOLD