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The Jasper Burns Collection of Irish Edward IV and Richard III Pennies

With his book and study collection, both offered for sale here, Jasper Burns has established a formula through which the collector can identify these difficult but rewarding issues, based upon successive styles, ornaments and portraits.
"The pennies struck in Ireland under Edward IV and Richard III are often disparaged for their crudeness of design and manufacture. They are are notoriously difficult to attribute because they are almost always severely clipped or struck on modules so much smaller than their dies that little or nothing of their identifying legends are readable. They closely resemble the heavier contemporary pennies struck in England, where they are often found by metal detectorists and generally assumed to be poor examples of the English issues. And yet they comprise a fascinating array of types and distinctive portrait styles."                       From the introduction to: "Irish Hammered Pennies of Edward IV and Richard III", by Jasper Burns
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Drogheda Mint Trim Mint Waterford Mint Dublin Mint Cork Mint Limerick Mint (No Examples) Galway Mint (No Examples)

Arranged by Mint  
Cork (2 examples)
Drogheda (19 examples)
Dublin (30 examples)
Trim (7 examples)
Waterford (3 examples)

The Book

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Irish Hammered Pennies of Edward IV and Richard III
by Jasper Burns
An illustrated guide to the known Irish hammered pennies minted under the Yorkist kings Edward IV and Richard III. Numerous unlisted types are described. This book includes a quick index to coin markings, a detailed chronology, and over 100 illustrations, including photographs of 56 different issues. Many examples used in the book offered for sale here.
Paperback, 84 pages, 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches. Illustrated in black and white.
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IR1640 - Edward IV (1461-1483), Penny, 0.46g., Light Cross and Pellets Coinage (c.1470-78), Cork mint, crowned facing bust of Edward, no pellets either side of crown, rev., plain long cross, [CIVI[TAS CO[RCACIE], (S.-; JBurns not recorded, see note p.41), fine, extremely rare. $995 SOLD

0 specimens in Burns.

Burns (p.41) notes a specimen recorded by Richard Sainthill, in Olla Podrida, 1853, that conforms to this type, otherwise unrecorded in Burns or the Standard Catalogue. Not from the Jasper Burns Collection. 

JB1 - Richard III (1483-1485), Penny, 0.45g., 'Cross and Pellets' Coinage, Dublin mint, crowned facing bust of Richard, with annulets either side of the neck above the shoulders,  rev., long cross with a trefoil of pellets in each angle and a quatrefoil in the centre, (S.6410; JBurns Du-17R (type 17),  plate coin),  somewhat short of flan as is the norm for this exceptionally rare issue, good very fine, extremely rare. $2495 SOLD

7 specimens in Burns.

From the same obverse die as the specimens illustrated in the Standard Catalogue and Coincraft catalogues.