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The Kingdom of Wessex - Alfred the Great (871- 899)
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TY23 - The Kingdom of Wessex, Alfred the Great (871-899), Silver Penny, London Monogram type (c.880), diademed armored bust right, AELFRD REX, rev., monogram of Londonia (London), (N.644; S.1061), very rare, extremely fine, hairline striking crack on obverse and reverse at 7 o'clock, no light showing, some hairlines erroneously referred to as tooling on holder, toned example of good style, (PCGS Holder). $12,995


Stacks Bowers Galleries Auction, Anaheim, CA, August 10, 2016, lot 20556


This classic type has been traditionally associated with Alfred’s conquest of London in 886; however recent research has dated this issue to c.880. In reality, London had been in English hands since around 880 and the traditional date of 886 mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon chronicle may refer to its restoration following a minor Danish raid. Whatever the specific dates are, the meaning of the design and iconography employed are clear: Alfred is portrayed as a late roman emperor and the name of London is inescapable. Alfred in attempting to re-conquer England for the English is calling on Roman precedents of unity and authority in the island with London as its capital.