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Aethelstan (924-939)

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TY14 - The Kings of all England, Aethelstan (924-939), Silver Portrait Penny, 1.54g., 21mm, possibly Wallingford mint, moneyer Aethelmund +∆–ELSTAN REX, crowned and draped bust right, rev., +AĐELMVND MO +, around small cross, (same obverse die as SCBI 30/339-340; N.675; S.1095), good very fine, lightly toned, very rare. $5995

Ex The New York Sale XXXVII, Baldwin/M&M/Markov/Goldberg, 7 January 2016, lot 1024.
This coin shares the same obverse die as three other mint signed Wallingford coins of this reign. On this basis, the coin can be provisionally assigned to the Wallingford mint.